Who are Ngaai.com’s Freelancers?

Ngaai.com Freelancers are the IT freelancer whom have regular monthly income from their clients of over 15,000THB/month.


You can sign up/register with Ngaai.com at no charge.
If you are an IT freelancer working in Information Technology or in Digital, such as a Programmer, Developer, Animator or Graphic Designer, you may be eligible. However, if you are unsure if your job type is applicable, please contact us to find out.

How can I start using Ngaai.com?

You can start using Ngaai.com with these 3 easy steps:
  1. Register
  2. Read and Accept Terms & Conditions
  3. Start working with Ngaai


Registering your own company can cost a lot of money and it can be frustrating and time-consuming to deal with several Thai government offices. Additionally, you will have to hire a lawyer for registration and then you will have various expenses on business start-up items like hiring, office space, and accounting - among others. Please see the comparison.
Ngaai’s members receive a monthly salary directly deposited into their personal Thai bank account.
You will pay a 5% Administration Fee each month (deducted from your invoicing) to cover billing, administration, and access to all four working/office spaces in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket.
Yes, we have companies registered in Thailand and aboard. We also have bank accounts in Thailand, Europe and America, which can help you reduce international transfer fees.
Yes, as long as you are working in information technology and/or digital. You can be a website developer at the same time as you are working as a graphic designer, for example.
Ngaai.com is providing administration services for freelance workers and we are not a recruitment service. Members must have regular income to be eligible to join the community. However, we have a very large freelance community and members are able to find connections for job opportunities within the community, at their discretion.

Social Security

Yes, you will get social security benefits. Contributions are calculated from wage base 1,650-15,000 baht / month. Coverage includes sickness, invalidity, maternity, death, child allowance, pension and unemployment.
If you are an Independent freelancer, you will get coverage only 3-4 benefits. However, when you join Ngaai.com, you will insured same as others corporate employee with 7 benefits.

TAX and others

No, we will prepare all the documents you’ll need and provide them to you. However, you will be expected to take these documents and file them online or go to your nearest tax office.
We do not have a minimum requirement contract, so you can start and stop whenever you wish. However, if you wish to stop a contract, we require written notice 30 days in advance of your departure.


After you join Ngaai.com, you will get 24-hour access to all of the fully-connected offices in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket.
There are no fees for using any of the meeting rooms when you join Ngaai.com.
Yes, you can use any of the fully- connected office spaces 24/7. However, we recommend you inform local office managers at Ngaai.com, so they can prepare you a work desk, or special requests, etc.
Ngaii.com have very reliable infrastructure to ensure that our members will have very fast and stable internet (200Mbps) to use 24/7.
Ngaai.com provides work desks (sit and/or standing), external monitors, printers, scanners, and basic office pantry equipment, such as espresso machine, water kettle, microwave, fridge, plates & bowls, and cutlery.


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