We make your digital freelance life easy!



We help invoice your client 
under our company.


We help your paper work, administration and accounting.


We help you with your tax paper. For any billing through our company


We offer 4 Offices in Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Phuket available for you access 24 hours


Build your credibility if you are planning to get loan from
 financial banking

Geek Community

Be in our international IT professional community

Why Ngaai

Being an entrepreneur can be difficult. If you’re working in the IT or Digital-field, but find yourself hungry for more freedom and growth, Ngaai.com may be the answer you seek! Leave all the paperwork with us and you can concentrate on what you love also we will help you finding new clients too! – your job.

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Our Offices

Ngaai.com has four (4) offices across Thailand for you to choose from.

You can match an office with your chosen lifestyle! Or, you can freely bounce around to any of the 24/7 offices whenever you want. They are located in Bangkok, Chiang Mai (x2), and Phuket.

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If you still doubted that our service will provide what you needed. You can find below comparison between using Ngaai service, Being Freelancer or register your own company here.

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